Security service refers to protection of the person. It may be security of the institution, ecosystems, objects, or any other entity. Security mostly refers to the protection from the hostile forces, but it has a wide range of other senses. Well Star Facilities is unique position in the field of Security guard services in rajasthan.

Because of its responsive attitude and high standards of services. Because of regular and exhaustive training complementing our standard. It places great importance on the quality of supervision, operating round the clock.

Well Star Facilities provides a quality driven security guarding that achieves an optimum standard for all areas. Emergency response is ensured by state of art 24 hr control room operating 24*7hrs basis. Well Star Facilities provides smartly uniformed, highly trained and well-supervised security guards for security. Well Star Facilities carry out the following functions at individual premises: entrance control, reception, response functions, escort services, patrols, and personal security services.

Well star provides clients with peace of mind. A secure facility complex means your employees, visitors, Guests and partners can focus their attention on what’s important:

Business productivity, living and enjoying their activities

We manage the details.

Supply, manage and co-ordinate security personals, implement security procedures and the provision of security system.

Provide a quality driven security guarding service that achieves an optimum standard for all areas.

Encourage the security staff to interface with the Client and other contractors in such a manner as to develop quality routines and idetify opportunities to improve service delivery.

Wellstar ensures all security guards are of a high caliber in communication skill, both written and oral.
Guards are provided with wellstar well-fitted uniforms and must be smart in appearance