Gardening refers to the practice of growing plants of horticulture. According to the people, gardening is considered as the relaxing activity. In garden, ornamental plants are often grown for their flowers, or we can say for the overall appearance.

Gardening is the growing of plants such as the flowers, shrubs and trees. Most of people are engaged in doing gardening because of their hobby or for the recreation. Some of the people also grow fruits and vegetables in their garden. Gardening can be done anywhere. Some people do gardening outdoors in the soil in their backyard or can be in pots, containers in the balcony.

Some of the people like to have their garden on the rooftop. Some people do indoor gardening that is inside their house or building. Indoor gardening is done for the greenhouses. And only special buildings, where plants are grown.

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Wellstar also offers installation of irrigation systems, Placing shrubs, Plants and small tress, and also provides the maintenance.